How would you like your accommodation to be when visiting us in Arctic Nuvsvaag? We can offer a variety of housing: we have a log cottage, log cabins, an apartment or perhaps you would prefer an authentic house with a local charm and a beautiful ocean vista?

All housing holds a high standard with fully equiped kitchens including: dishwasher, stove, coffee maker, kettle and fridge. From all locations you can enjoy being surrounded by magnificent vistas of mountains and the ocean. Every house has it’s own private outdoor space with seating and a camfire pan for bbq – a perfect place to enjoy the midnight sun. We have everything you need to enjoy your holiday in harmonic surroundings.

Your cottage, cabin, house or apartment will be newly cleaned upon arrival, with fresh linen and towels. All of the cabins and the apartment is right next to the reception wich also has a kiosk. The house “Nessehuset” is about 1 km outside the main camp, situated on a point next to the seaside with a scenic ocean view.

We offer free WiFi!



If you would like to just disconnect and relax after a long day of mountain hiking, sea fishing or enjoying the beach, we would recommend topping it off in our sauna.

The sauna is heated in the traditional manner with wooden fire and it takes some time to get the steam up, so we prefer that you make a reservation the evening before. You’ll find a reservation list in the reception, first come first serve. Please note that the sauna is open until 11 pm.
Rates for using the sauna.

Grill hut

Just outside our main house, you’ll find a cozy grill hut with room for up to 10 persons. It’s a great place to end your day with BBQ-ing and enjoying each other’s company in the bright arctic summer night. It’s very popular among our visitors, so be sure to make a reservation in the reception beforehand. The grill hut is open until 11 pm.
Rates for using the grill hut.

Fish cleaning and filleting room

You can clean and fillet the day’s catch in our super convenient fish cleaning room. We have equipped the room specifically for cleaning and packing your fish. Every house has their own freezers to preserve the catch. And like most of Arctic Nuvsvaag it has a great ocean view.

Drying room

Our drying room is fittet with dryers for boots and gloves and it has hooks for clothes.


We have a small convenience store/kiosk in the reception. Here you’ll find gasoline/diesel, fishing equipment, mineral water and other groceries like coffee, crispbread, marmelades, dry foods, etc.